Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Freshman Republican Legislator from Wisconsin's 52nd Assembly District

No. 18 in a series.


Fond du Lac Reporter:  "Q&A with Jeremy Thiesfeldt".

From Part 3: 
But why stop there? [i.e., eliminating the office of State Treasurer and Secretary of State.] The state government is too large and provides many services that are antiquated, redundant or could be performed much more efficiently in the private sector. We also have dozens of boards and commissions, some which should be dissolved. For example, does our state really need a Poet Laureate Commission? A Commission on the United Nations(The Governor’s Commission on the United Nations was founded in 1959 by Governor Gaylord Nelson and is charged with educating the people of Wisconsin about the work of the United Nations, celebrating UN Day, and expressing its views on related issues. Source.)

Public libraries in the 52nd Assembly District, all of which is located within the Winnefox Library System:
Fond du Lac County:   Fond du Lac, North Fond du Lac (Spillman Library)

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